Made In Space is dedicated to making the most extreme and reliable additive manufacturing equipment available on Earth and in space.

Most additive manufacturing machines built today are designed to operate in clean and stable conditions, not in an operational environment. Ocean platforms, submersibles, arid deserts, remote mountains, arctic research stations, and mobile ground vehicles are all locations at the end of extremely long supply chains where having the means to manufacture useful items is very useful, especially when time is of the essence.

MIS’ Tactical 3D Printer (Tac3D) mobile manufacturing device represents a unique capability of supplying on-demand parts and components without the traditionally required logistics chain. Tac3D utilizes a wide variety of materials, including aerospace grade polymers and composites. The power required is an order of magnitude below current commercial machines with the same capability and occupies a fraction of the volume, enabling easy deployment. Tac3D can be deployed on vehicles and ships and operate while on the move in theater.

To optimize Tac3D for the warfighter, MIS is working to adapt Tac3D for specific mission spaces. Power and data requirements are addressed based on need, as well as humidity, salinity, and other environmental considerations. A test plan is then developed and carried out, followed by initial low rate manufacturing. These units are then tested and deployed, with MIS providing training and engineering support services.