Industrializing Space for Innovation, Exploration and Defense

New Capabilities Via In Space Manufacturing

The Optimast-SCI system can enable space-based interferometry through extended structure manufacturing capabilities integrated into small satellites.

Extending Satellite Applications in Space

The EAGLE robotic system is designed to autonomously deconstruct launch hardware, in orbit, and reassemble the components into phased array antennas.

Enabling Sub-Modular Assembly In Orbit

The Apeiron Space Integration System is capable of developing reconfigurable persistent platform structures in orbit through modular androgynous adapter ports, robotic integration and a sub-module pallet.

Manufacturing Critical Space Assets in Orbit

HALO is an innovative in space manufacturing system that can produce ultra-large RF reflectors in orbit through sub-millimeter-precision curved extended structure manufacturing and robotic assembly and integration.

Innovative Solutions for Industrializing Space

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