Extended Structure Additive Manufacturing Machine

At the heart of Archinaut technology is Made In Space's Extended Structure Additive Manufacturing Machine (ESAMM). ESAMM is a manufacturing method which incorporates Archinaut’s additive manufacturing system with a robotic manipulator to create objects in free-space and install both additively manufactured and pre-fabricated components.

Created by MIS and validated in microgravity research flights through the NASA Flight Opportunities Program, ESAMM produces arbitrarily large and complex structures. By using its robotic manipulators to position the part being created, ESAMM can constantly reorient the part with a high degree of freedom, allowing the part to be created as large as desired in any dimension. This allows ESAMM to create structures as small as an oxidizer tank fueling cap, as large as a Mars cruise vehicle back bone, or any size in between.

Archinaut is capable of additively joining previously manufactured or pre-fabricated elements together, enabling assembly of spacecraft. Different mission profiles require different materials and prefabricated components, thus the variety of feedstocks available for use by Archinaut is broad and includes multiple spaceflight-proven materials such as space-grade polymers and composites.