April 8, 2019

Made In Space, Inc. Announces Manufacturing System for Smallsat Interferometry

March 12, 2019

Made In Space, Inc. Completes Successful Ground-Based Manufacturing and Assembly Testing for Archinaut Program

September 27, 2018

Made In Space Expands Via Luxembourg Into Europe to Serve Worldwide Community of Customers

July 16, 2018

In Space Manufacturing and Assembly Enables Small Satellites With Big Satellite Power and Capability

May 14, 2018

Made In Space to Bid on Phase II of Archinaut Development Program

May 7, 2018

Made In Space Wins NASA Contract to Develop Hybrid Metal Manufacturing System for Space Exploration

March 27, 2018

Made In Space Celebrates Two Years Printing In Space With AMF

October 16, 2017

Made In Space Awarded Archinaut Phase 1 Contract Option

August 10, 2017

First-Ever 3D Printing In A Space-Like Environment Demonstrated

July 10, 2017

Made In Space Begins Manufacturing In Space Ready Material

April 3, 2017

Made In Space’s Additive Manufacturing Facility Cranks Out Stellar Year

February 14, 2017

First Sculpted Artwork In Space Printed Aboard International Space Station

January 18, 2017

Made In Space and Axiom Space Announce Joint Agreement For Manufacturing In Low Earth Orbit

July 18, 2016

Made In Space, Inc. To Demonstrate Manufacture of Exotic Optical Fiber In Space