Payload Operations Engineer

Work to build humanity’s future in space — enable people to go to the moon, Mars, and beyond. Made In Space, Inc. is developing breakthrough manufacturing technologies for space and terrestrial spin-offs. Our goal: radically change the way we do space missions today by building everything you need for space, in space.

Location: Jacksonville, FL

Job Overview:

+ Develop & track design for minimum risk matrices to support payload development
+ Develop payload safety data packages
+ Perform system safety and reliability evaluations of flight hardware
+ Develop flight rules and crew operational procedures prior to on-orbit use
+ Support preliminary and critical design reviews of ISS systems hardware
+ Provide engineering evaluations against design and safety requirements
+ Assess the system safety and fault tolerance characteristics of ISS Payloads operations
+ Fault tree analysis and event simulation modeling of ISS operational support plans
+ Real-time risk assessments of systems and operational changes and their impacts to mission success
+ Develop, review and assess safety analysis hazard reports, and requirement non-compliances
+ Develop and track safety verification closures
+ Real-time operation of hardware in space
+ Managing communication between MIS and MSFC operations centers
+ Developing operations for on-orbit assets


+ NASA Safety & Mission Assurance experience
+ Familiarity with the ISS National Labs
+ Excellent written, verbal, and in-person communication/presentation skills
+ Must be able to travel and work non-standard hours periodically
+ Must be a “U.S. person” as defined by the ITAR (22 CFR §120.15)
+ Experience in the safety process of two or more payloads to the ISS

Preferred Skills And Experience:

+ B.S. in an engineering discipline or related field