Made In Space Awarded Archinaut Phase One Contract Option / by Austin Jordan


MOFFETT FIELD, Calif., Oct. 16, 2017 -- NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD) has awarded Made In Space, Inc. (MIS) a 12-month contract extension option for its Archinaut Technology Development Project (ATDP). Archinaut is an in-space additive manufacturing and robotic assembly platform. Development of Archinaut started in 2016 under STMD’s Tipping Point solicitation.

The first year of ATDP consisted of ground testing and development of Archinaut’s Extended Structure Additive Manufacturing Machine (ESAMM) - the core technology for building large, space-optimized structures. The next portion of ATDP will focus on testing of the Ground-Based Manufacturing and Assembly System Hardware (GBMASH), which combines additive manufacturing with robotic assembly. GBMASH paves the way for potential flight demonstrations of Archinaut’s additive manufacturing and robotic assembly capabilities in space.

“We look forward to building on the development work we have accomplished,” said Eric Joyce, Archinaut project manager. “We broke new ground with our recent accomplishments during ESAMM testing, which proved the viability of manufacturing complex structures in the vacuum and temperature conditions of space. Our focus now is bringing together additive manufacturing with robotic assembly for a combined test in space-like conditions.”

“We accomplished much in our first 12 months, significantly reducing risks associated with bringing this technology to space,” said MIS President & CEO Andrew Rush. “We’re grateful for NASA’s continued belief in this technology and in our team. Archinaut has the potential to completely change how we deliver assets to space. We’re excited and inspired by the challenges ahead.”


About Made In Space: Made In Space, Inc. (MIS) is the world’s most experienced space manufacturing company. Established in 2010 and with offices in Florida, California, Alabama and Ohio, MIS leverages the unique properties of the space environment to develop manufacturing solutions to commercial, industrial, research and defense challenges. The company’s vision is to enable the future of space exploration by offering off-Earth manufacturing capabilities. For more information about MIS, visit Contact: Bryan Culbert Marketing Manager Harrison Pitman Media Relations Strategist