Product: Fiber Optics

The Race to Manufactures ZBLAN

“High-performance ZBLAN fibers would be extremely valuable back on Earth, and several commercial companies such as … Made In Space (MIS) … are currently pursuing in-orbit production of ZBLAN fiber. Initial results have been promising, and successful ZBLAN fiber production on the ISS National Lab could pave the way for future large-scale commercial manufacturing of…

Optical fibre made in orbit should be better than the terrestrial sort

“Two Californian firms, however, think they have cracked this problem. Made in Space and FOMS (Fiber Optic Manufacturing in Space) are both proposing to manufacture optical fibre of the highest quality in the free-falling conditions of the International Space Station. At $1m a kilogram, this is a material that is well worth the trip to…

Made In Space fiber on ISS

In-Space Manufacturing Is About to Get a Big Test

“If all goes according to plan, this little factory — which is owned by California-based startup Made In Space — will churn out stuff that’s good enough to sell here on Earth, opening up space to greater commercial use.”