Business Development – Space Enabled Materials

Work to build humanity’s future in space — enable people to go to the moon, Mars, and beyond. Made In Space is developing breakthrough manufacturing technologies that utilize the unique environment of outer space. Our goal: manufacture products for use on Earth using the profound effects of microgravity, vacuum and thermal conditions only found in outer space.

Location: Jacksonville, FL

Job Overview:

This position is focused upon customer engagement, market capture and product sales of Space Enabled Materials such as MIS optical fiber, Industrial Crystallization Facility, and metal processing, among others. Identification of potential customers, market analysis insight, product innovation and business case analysis are key areas of expertise for this position.

+ Full-time
+ Developing and managing customer relationships
+ Identifying and shaping sales opportunities and external partnerships
+ Proposal writing with a focus on customer sales
+ Proposal management involving multiple internal and external stakeholders
+ Market research and business planning
+ Leading the development and execution of customer pitches


+ Proven abilities in the B2B/B2G worlds
+ Product sales focused
+ Experience with long sales cycles
+ Takes initiative
+ Strong written and verbal communication skills
+ Willingness to travel
+ Excitement about space
+ 5+ years of experience
+ Must be a “U.S. person” as defined by the ITAR (22 CFR §120.15)

Preferred Skills And Experience:

+ Technical background
+ Basic knowledge of material science
+ M.B.A. or equivalent advanced degree
+ Experience in evaluating and executing go to market strategies such as direct sales, licensing, servicing contracts, etc.
+ Experience with contract negotiation
+ Experience with manufacturing technologies (additive, subtractive, stereolithography, etc.)