Additive Manufacturing Facility (AMF)

Technology Overview

First Commercial 3D Printer in Space

The Additive Manufacturing Facility (AMF) is the first permanent commercial manufacturing platform to operate in low Earth orbit. AMF is our flagship technology onboard the ISS and its versatility and durability have made it a reliable resource for government and commercial customers since its activation in 2016. It has produced over 200 tools, assets, and parts in orbit. AMF’s legacy has been the foundation for our technology roadmap and manufacturing programs as Made In Space develops new capabilities that will leverage additive manufacturing in space for unprecedented applications.


  • Real Time Video and Status Monitoring
  • Modular Material Extruder, Print Bed, Feedstock Canister, and Filter
  • Simple, One-Hand replacement of modular components
  • Material robustness allows for future support of entirely new materials
  • Utilizes Open, Public Space-Based Manufacturing Specifications (SBM-Spec)

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