Director of Business Development, Space Solutions

Adrian Mangiuca

Adrian Mangiuca is the Director of Business Development, Space Solutions for Made In Space, Inc. (MIS). 

Mangiuca works at the interface between civilian and defense space infrastructures, with a specific focus on commercialization.  At MIS, Mangiuca leads government capture and program strategy for innovative satellite and commercial space architectures. 

In his current role, Mangiuca works to generate value in space through manufacturing-enabled satellites and long-duration space platforms. Mangiuca leverages MIS expertise in in-space manufacturing and robotic assembly technology to enable business development initiatives in support of complex missions. 

Throughout his career, Mangiuca has focused on the economic sustainability of complex systems. Prior to his work at Made In Space, Mangiuca worked with Nanoracks, where he served as Principal Investigator for the NASA-funded Low Earth Orbit Commercialization Study and led the Outpost Space Station Program. He also served at the State Department for 5 years prior to joining the space industry, working variously in the bureaus of Counterterrorism; International Narcotics and Law Enforcement; and Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor. 

Mangiuca holds a Master of Science in International Development Administration and Planning from University College London. He has lived around the world, including Switzerland, the United Kingdom, India, Spain, and Romania. He currently leads MIS space solutions initiatives from Washington, D.C.