Business Operations Manager

Mindy Samaroo

Mindy Samaroo is the Business Operations Manager of Made In Space, Inc. (MIS).

Mindy oversees day-to-day operations, facility management and employee care at MIS. She plays a significant role in maintaining a functional and productive work environment for MIS employees and departments. She is an integral part of supporting a close-knit company culture.

Since starting with the company in 2017, Mindy has overseen the hiring of nearly 50% of staff and a 37,000 square foot facility expansion. Most recently, Mindy managed the build-out and renovation of over 19,000 square feet of MIS facilities and will be managing the renovation of an additional 18,000 square feet in the upcoming year.

Mindy also facilitated the consolidation of the MIS California and Florida offices to the new headquarters in Jacksonville, FL.

Previously, Mindy managed facilities and operations at Burberry’s Americas Headquarters and LVMH Corporate Headquarters.

Mindy Samaroo headshot