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Our Mission

We develop state-of-the-art space manufacturing technology to support exploration, national security, and sustainable space settlement.

Our Vision

Pioneer sustainable space infrastructure to support our customers’ missions, promote national security and drive exploration objectives through advanced space manufacturing.

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Joining Redwire

Made In Space is acquired by Redwire, a leading developer of mission critical solutions for next generation space infrastructure.

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Redwire acquires Made In Space

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Company Headquarters

Made In Space relocates their headquarters to Jacksonville, Fla. The relocation is part of a multi-year expansion program that saw a doubling of the company’s workforce and expansion of its the operational footprint.

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Archinaut One Mission Announced

Made In Space is awarded a NASA contract to demonstrate Archinaut’s technology platform in space by building a smallsat power system on orbit.

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NASA Awards $73.7 million to Made In Space for Orbital Demonstration

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How In-Space Manufacturing Can Develop the Next Generation of Space Telescopes and Space-Based Radar Systems

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Recycling in Space

In partnership with Braskem, Made In Space launches the Plastic Recycler, a robust, semi-autonomous manufacturing facility capable of processing polyethylene (PE) raw materials into usable 3D printing filament for the AMF aboard ISS.

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Made In Space to launch commercial recycler to space station

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Qualifying Archinaut for Spaceflight

Made In Space demonstrates the viability of both Archinaut’s additive manufacturing and robotic assembly technologies, qualifying the Archinaut system for spaceflight.

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Developing Space-Enabled Materials

Made In Space launches its space-enabled ZBLAN manufacturing payload to commercially develop industrial materials in space. Since MIS Fiber, MIS has continued to expand its portfolio of space-enabled manufacturing capabilities.

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Manufacturing Exotic Glass Fibers in Space

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Made In Space Steps Up Off-World Production of Valuable Optical Fiber

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Ceramics Manufacturing: Increasing Capability + Scaling Commercial Industry in Space

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Testing with NASA

Made In Space demonstrates the in-space viability of Archinaut technology during testing in a thermal vacuum chamber at NASA Ames.

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Archinaut Program

Made In Space and NASA team up to expand on the vision of in-space manufacturing with the Archinaut program. Archinaut is an in-space robotic manufacturing and assembly capability that builds large scale space assets on-orbit.

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Made In Space Awarded Archinaut Phase 1 Contract Option

Global Manufacturing On Orbit

Following the successful 3D Print mission, Made In Space launches and operates the Additive Manufacturing Facility (AMF), the first commercial 3D printer in space, ushering in a new era of manufacturing on orbit. AMF can be utilized by organizations across the planet to manufacture in space. It has printed over 200 tools, assets, and parts in orbit.

The Additive Manufacturing Facility: 3D Printing The Future in Space

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Making History

On November 24, 2014, Made In Space and NASA Marshall Space Flight Center remotely operate the 3D Print payload to build the first parts ever made off-Earth.

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To the ISS

Made In Space and NASA Marshall Space Flight Center team up to build and fly the 3D Printing in Zero-G Experiment to the International Space Station.

Made In Space Makes the Only 3D Printer in Space

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NASA Grant

NASA awards Made In Space a Phase I SBIR grant to develop the Additive Manufacturing Facility (AMF) for the International Space Station.

The Story of the World’s First Zero Gravity Printer

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Developing the Technology

Under a NASA Flight Opportunities Program contract, Made In Space develops the first additive manufacturing technology that operates fully in microgravity.

Made In Space Founded

Made In Space is founded with the mission to enable humanity to sustainably live and work in space through in-space manufacturing.

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Key Research

NASA researcher Ken Cooper demonstrates the viability of microgravity additive manufacturing for the first time.

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