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Our Mission

We develop state-of-the-art space manufacturing technology to support exploration, national security, and sustainable space settlement.

Our Vision

Pioneer sustainable space infrastructure to support our customers’ missions, promote national security and drive exploration objectives through advanced space manufacturing.

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Key research


Key research

NASA Researcher Ken Cooper demonstrates viability of microgravity additive manufacturing in 1999.



August 2010, Made In Space is founded with the mission to enable Earth-independent exploration through space manufacturing.


Developing the Technology

Under a NASA Flight Opportunities Program contract, Made In Space develops additive manufacturing technology that operates fully in microgravity.


NASA Grant

NASA awards Made In Space a Phase I SBIR grant to develop the Additive Manufacturing Facility (AMF) for the International Space Station.


To the I.S.S.

Made In Space and NASA MSFC team up together to build and fly the 3D Printing in Zero-G Experiment to the International Space Station.


Built in Space

On November 24th, 2014 Made In Space and NASA MSFC remotely operate the 3D Print payload to build the first parts ever made off-Earth.


Global Manufacturing

Following a successful 3D Print mission, Made In Space builds and delivers for flight the AMF. A commercial 3D printing facility, it can be utilized by organizations across the planet to manufacture in space.


Archinaut Program

Made In Space and NASA team up again to expand on the vision of in-space manufacturing with the Archinaut program. Archinaut is an in-space robotic manufacturing and assembly capability that builds large scale space assets on-orbit.


Testing with NASA

Made In Space demonstrates the in-space viability of the Archinaut technology during testing in a thermal vacuum chamber at NASA Ames.


Developing Space Enabled Materials

Made In Space launches its Optical Fiber payload to the International Space Station—the company’s groundbreaking technology aims to develop exotic optical fiber on orbit, paving the way for new classes of materials to be produced in space and for terrestrial applications.


Qualifying Archinaut for Spaceflight

Following a successful testing campaign of Archinaut’s extended structure manufacturing technology in a thermal vacuum, the Made In Space team demonstrated the in-space viability of both Archinaut’s additive manufacturing and robotic assembly technologies, qualifying the Archinaut system for spaceflight.


Archinaut One Mission Announced

Made In Space is awarded a NASA contract to demonstrate Archinaut’s technology platform in space by building a smallsat power system on orbit.