Software Engineer

Work to build humanity’s future in space — enable people to go to the moon, Mars, and beyond.

Made in Space, Inc. is developing breakthrough manufacturing technologies for space and terrestrial spin-offs.

Our goal: radically change the way we do space missions today by building everything you need for space, in space.

Among many other projects, Made In Space launched the commercially available Additive Manufacturing Facility to the ISS in 2016.


+ Strong C/C++ background
+ Strong demonstrated use of Python
+ Experience with real-world input/output (sensors and motors)
+ Familiarity with network protocols
+ Excellent written and verbal communication
+ Excitement about space and a startup environment
+ Must be a “U.S. person” as defined by the ITAR (22 CFR §120.15)
+ 3+ years of experience

Preferred Skills and Experience:

+ Have a background in computational geometry
+ Have experience working with 3D printers
+ Interpretive languages (Cython, Shell, Batch, etc.)
+ UI experience (for front end applicants)