Business Development

Work to build humanity’s future in space — enable people to go to the moon, Mars, and beyond. Made In Space, Inc. is developing breakthrough manufacturing technologies for space and terrestrial spin-offs. Our goal: radically change the way we do space missions today by building everything you need for space, in space.

Location: Jacksonville, FL

Job Overview:

+ Market research and business planning
+ Identifying and shaping opportunities
+ Proposal writing
+ Leading the development of team-based customer pitches
+ Managing the customer relationship after closing
+ Full-time


+ Proven abilities in the B2B/B2G worlds
+ Experience with long sales cycles
+ Takes initiative
+ Strong written and verbal communication skills
+ Willingness to travel
+ Excitement about space and a startup environment
+ 5+ years of experience
+ Must be a “U.S. person” as defined by the ITAR (22 CFR §120.15)

Preferred Skills and Experience:

+ Experience with 3D printers
+ Technical Background
+ Experience working with NASA and/or space-focused government agencies